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The following guide content contains spoilers for Episode 03 and Episode 04 of Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

Chapter 01: Escape the Herd


Picking up where Episode 03: In Harm's Way left off, Clementine must escape the herd of walkers attacking Carver's compound. Depending on the player's choice, Sarita has either been bitten and attacked by zombies, or had an emergency amputation performed by Clementine. Kenny rushes to her aid, only to have her die in his arms.

NOTE: Regardless of whether or not Clementine hacked off Sarita's arm, Kenny will be upset with her for either acting impulsively or not doing enough to help.

Complete the QTE promts to escape the next wave of zombie attacks, then reunite with Rebecca and Jane to escape the herd.

Chapter 02: The Meeting Place

This chapter is mostly comprised of dialogue choices and interactions with the remaining members of Clementine's group. Regarless of their choices, Kenny will remain despondent and Rebecca will remain pregnant. Follow Jane in search of Luke, Nick and Sarah to complete the chapter.

Chapter 03: Lessons

Exit the forest with Jane, and search the two fresh walkers that she points out.

EXTRA ITEM: In the back-left pocket of the dead-again walker, Clementine can find two bullets that she'll add to her inventory. Whether or not they could have a bearing on future events remains to be seen.

After some conversation, help Jane roll over the other walker and find Sarah's Glasses. Continue along to come to a hole in the fence where you will find what used to be Nick. Put him to rest with your hatchet and get a new weapon from Jane - the screwdriver.

(Video) The Walking Dead Season 02 Walkthrough - Episode 04: Amid the Ruins pt 1

When you reach the other side of the trailer, move quietly to hide behind the pickup truck, then dispatch the walkers with your new kneecapping moves.

To successfully lure the pack of zombies away from the trailer where Luke and Sarah are hiding, drag the walker corpse over from where it lies and lay it onto the horn of the truck then head inside the trailer.

Complete the QTE's to take down the walker, then follow Jane to the other trailer - you have the option to yell through the door, but ultimately you'll end up needing to kick it in.

Chapter 04: Trapped


Once inside the trailer, take a brief moment to reunite with Luke and a catatonic Sarah. Discuss the merits and morals of possibly leaving someone behind, then start panicking as the walkers begin to break inside.

When looking for something to access the skylight with, go straight for the bureau blocking the door. The milk crate is too short, and the fridge is too heavy to move, so suggest the bureau and help Luke push it into the bedroom.

Decision: Rescue Sarah or Leave Her Behind?

Time is running out, and you need to make the decision whether or not taking the time to convince Sarah to leave with you is worth risking a surefire escape. If the player can live with their decision to let a young girl get sacrificed to the living dead, they are more than welcome to do so.

The Outcome: Sarah is dead either way. No one at camp is particularly upset with Clementine, should she decide to leave Sarah at the trailer park - and, even if she does make it back, she'll end up perishing during a walker attack in Chapter 08.

Chapter 05: Reunited

Upon returning to camp, talk to everyone and then perform a brief QTE to enter the tent that Kenny's taken refuge in. Convince him to swallow his grief and agree to help Rebecca with the baby.

When everyone starts to split up, offer to go after Jane, stay and help Sarah or follow Bonnie and Mike - whichever you choose, you'll end up following after Jane.

After talking to Jane, head up to the observation platform. While she works on unlocking the gift shop, walk to and use the telescope that is closest to the camera (by the stairs you came up). After spying the nearby town, notice the stranger heading up the stairs towards the platform.

(Video) The Walking Dead Season 02 Walkthrough - Episode 04: Amid the Ruins pt 4

Tough Decision: Steal From Arvo?

You have the option to steal some medicine from Arvo's bag (Jane will take the other items if you don't), or to let him leave peacefully. The medicine is somewhat inconsequential to this episode's story, so it really boils down to whether or not you choose to be cruel to this new character (who will return in the next episode).

Return to Kenny and Rebecca at the meeting place to finish the chapter and head after Mike and Bonnie.


When you reach Mike and Bonnie at the museum, grab the jacket at the far end of the central display and talk to Bonnie about it. Once Mike comes over, head over to the office door and try to open it. When that doesn't work, try and raise the shutter after moving the box in front of it.

Decision: Crawl Under the Shutter?

Again, a fairly arbitrary decision that has no real impact on the story. If Clementine crawls under, she gets stuck and Mike kicks down the door to kill the walker that attacks. If Bonnie reaches her arm through, she gets knocked on the head while trying to pull away and Mike still wrestles the walker away.

Return to camp with Mike, Bonnie and the water you found to finish the chapter.

Chapter 07: Labor

This chapter is woefully short and consists of two dialogue interchanges before a herd of walkers shows up. Tell mike to get the water and head for the observation deck with everyone else.

Chapter 08: Hit the Deck

Once everyone is gathered in the gift shop on the observtation deck, decide how you want to help the group. Staying with Kenny and Rebecca means giving an inspiration speech to a woman in labor, while going out to the deck means getting to shoot zombies with a handgun.

When prompted to find something to barricade the gate with, run to the cannon and begin to move it towards the door. Unable to support the weight of the military relic, the dec will collapse - rescue Jane (or try to save Sarah) before continuing.

NOTE: As previously mentioned, Sarah will not live through this segment. If you decided to rescue her from the trailer park, here she becomes trapped underneath the wreckage of the platform. You have the option to send Jane down to attempt a rescue, but she will fail and Sarah will still die at the hands of the walkers.

Drop the rest of the decking onto the horde by climbing on Mikes shoulders and using your hatchet on the support plate above the railing (stomping on the deck and trying to cut the cable will only waste time). When the dust settles head back inside to the gift shop to end the chapter.

Chapter 09: Family Plans

(Video) The Walking Dead Season 02 Walkthrough - Episode 04: Amid the Ruins ENDING

Talk to Rebecca about the baby.

Decision: Hold Baby?


Why this is a "tough decision" is beyond us, but choose whether or not to hold Rebecca's baby

Head out of the shop and talk to Jane, and then side with Kenny or Luke during the argument following her departure.

Try to keep everyone calm on the long trip, and hope Arvo isn't still mad if you stole his medicine bag.

Decision: Shoot Rebecca?

This decision is, again, arbitrary - the outcome of an assumed gunfight is the same either way.

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What happens if you pull Ben up? ›

If Lee pulls Ben up, he will still escape Crawford with the group, albeit noticeably depressed at missing his opportunity to die/redeem himself. If Lee saved Ben, he is seen with Christa, Omid, and Kenny after Lee got bitten. If Ben joins Lee in searching for Clementine, Ben promises that he will prove himself to Lee.

How old is Clementine in Season 4? ›

Season 4 jumps ahead again by a few years, but Clementine's age is never revealed in the final season. However, Melissa Hutchison confirms in this video that Clementine is 16 during Season 4.

Is there a way to save Sarah in The Walking Dead? ›

Clementine can save Jane or Sarah. If Clementine wants to help Sarah, she asks Jane to help Sarah to get out of the rubble underneath her. Regardless, the walkers managed to get to Sarah and devours her alive.

Should Clementine sit with Kenny or Luke? ›

Side with anyone else is pointless. If you support Kenny he will support you at the end... Well Luke cares for Clementine as she is his younger sister. With Kenny you can be sure he would kill and even die for her.

Can you avoid Lee getting bitten? ›

Unfortunately, no. Some people thought there was a way to though. When you're reaching for Clementine's walkie-talkie, there's an option to “Check the Trash” where the walker that bites Lee is hiding.

Is it better to let Ben go or pull him up? ›

If you dropped Ben, Lee gets away clean, with no bite and survives episode 5. If you save him though, Lee gets bitten on the way out. Ben survives through episode 5 as well, taking Lee's place.

Does Clementine get pregnant? ›

Episode Details & Credits

Summary: A drug test at the department reveals that Clemmie is pregnant.

Who is Clementine's son? ›

Alvin Jr.

What race is Clementine? ›

What ethnicity is Clementine from the Telltale Walking Dead series? - Quora. Clementine is supposed to be pure “African-American”. Since in the first season she was attached to Lee and often was confused Lee being her father. What parts of the Walking Dead comic timeline do the Telltale games take place?

How does Sarah come back to life? ›

The doctor tries to save her but the blood loss is too much for her body and she sadly flatlines. Unable to accept her death, John B. repeatedly performs CPR until a sudden miracle happens: Sarah awakens from the grasp of death.

Can you save Clementine? ›

Possibly, but what really saves Clem is the small amount of time between bite and amputation. So there you have it. While the hashtag #StillNotBitten no longer applies for Clem, she does, indeed, survive the end events of Telltale's The Walking Dead, regardless of the player's decisions.

Should you take the medicine from Arvo? ›

If you steal the medicine can you stop the babys mother becoming sick and dying? Do the choices even do anything? :( Nope, arvo will say you stole and rebbeca will die no matter what you choose. Unfortunately this game often gives the illusion of choice.

What happens if Clementine shoots Kenny? ›

Shoot Kenny before he kills Jane: Kenny will be shot in the abdomen by Clementine, and will fall to the ground. After lying motionless, he will talk to Clementine about how close they were to Wellington. He tells her about how much he fears death, and soon he will finally succumb to his wounds and die peacefully.

What is Clementine's second name? ›

Here's the relevant part of the post: "Internally she was briefly “Clementine Crawford,” but then - completely unrelated - the folks developing the episode 104 story invented the neighborhood of Crawford. From that point on Clem officially had no last name."

Who is better Clementine or Ellie? ›

Ellie is immune, as most The Last of Us fans know well by now. Even if she dies during the gameplay, it's likely due to her wounds or being fatally shot, not being infected. This gives her a better chance of surviving than Clementine, who is never immune from the walkers.

How old is Clementine in Season 3? ›

Season 3: Clementine is 13 throughout the season (we find out she's going through puberty in Episode 4 with her period to confirm this, plus AJ's growth throughout flashbacks).

How old is Clementine Walking Dead? ›

Based on the prediction of how long the timeskip is, she's most likely sixteen almost seventeen. According to wikia, it's predicted that it's been around 2740 days- 3102 days since the outbreak. I took those two numbers, as well as the number in between them and subtracted the 3.3 months before Clementine's birthday.

Should I save Shawn or Duck? ›

You definitely have to save Duck over Shawn and protect him from Larry in Episode 1. Both matter so much. I think it's safe to say that saving Duck is the objectively better choice all around. Even if you don't like Kenny you still earn points towards securing another helping hand in finding Clementine.

What happens if you let Randall go? ›

If she spares him and makes the trade in the next episode, Randall will attack Michonne once Norma unties him, and if the player succeeds the QTE prompt, Michonne will shoot Randall in the head killing him.

Can you save Duck in Walking Dead game? ›

However, Katjaa and Duck will get attacked by a walker - quickly kill it to save them. If you're too slow, Kenny will save them instead.

Who is Clementine's babydaddy? ›

Samuel Lewis is a character in Zoo. He is the newborn son of Clementine Lewis and Sam Parker. Samuel, or Sam for short, is named after is father. As the first baby born in a decade, Samuel's genes could be the key to curing the sterilization of the human race.

Who is Rosita pregnant by? ›

the group manages to fight them off, but Jesus is killed. When they return to Alexandria, Rosita joins the community in paying respects at Jesus' funeral. Meanwhile, Rosita is in a relationship with community doctor Siddiq (Avi Nash) and discovers that she is pregnant with his child.

Who got Lori pregnant? ›

Dale gently confronts her about her pregnancy when he sees that she becomes nauseated at the smell of cooking meat, and Lori explains that Rick is the biological father of the child.

Who was the lady that stole Clementine's hat? ›

However, according to her, some time later, Jake, Bart and Linda took her daughter, Danielle, and left Jolene to fend on her own in a small camp in the woods. While living, she discovered the Travelier Motel and started to spy Clementine and even stole her hat as she sought to take her from Lee.

Who is Clementine's love interest? ›

Clementine can choose a romantic interest

Afterward, Clementine can choose to follow either Louis or Violent. Choose one. Once you've chosen take part in the scene as normal until you hit the choice that allows you to tell either Louis or Violent that you like them as more than friends.

What is Clementine's nightmare? ›

Welcome to Clementine's Nightmare! Clementine's universe takes a one-of-a-kind turn for the worse when her world is invaded by nightmarish creatures from other realms of reality. Her town, and the people she once knew are all gone, having become twisted by darkness.

Why is Clementine orange? ›

What Are Clementines? Clementine oranges (Citrus x clementina) are citrus fruits known for their bright orange color and small size. They result from crossbreeding a type of mandarin orange (the willowleaf) with a regular sweet orange and flourish in warmer climates.

Does Clem lose her leg? ›

Clementine got bit, at least a few hours passed, Clem was visibly pale, weak, and sickly, she looked just like Lee did when he was on the brink of death, when AJ cuts her leg off with an axe that they had been using to kill walkers, in the middle of a barn, with no surgical supplies in sight, and to our knowledge, AJ ...

How strong is Clementine? ›

Clementine was considered as one of the strongest humans in the Slane Theocracy, considered as strong enough to fight and potentially kill any of the nation's strongest human warriors. However, her power is not considered as impressive when compared to inhuman characters, especially those of the Sorceror Kingdom.

How is Sara Lance pregnant? ›

Current timeline

After her mothers Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe retired, the two planned to have a child, initially through a donor and Ava becoming pregnant. But; when Sara and Ava thought of the idea, Sara ovulated. A kiss Sara shared with Ava; allowed Ava's DNA to travel into Sara's body; making her pregnant.

Do Sarah and John B break up? ›

'Outer Banks' Season 3: John B, Sarah Split After Topper Hookup.

Did Oliver know Sara was alive? ›

In season two, Sara returns to Starling City after a six-year absence as "The Canary" to protect her family. In keeping with a promise, she also befriends wayward teenager Sin and watches over her. Oliver manages to capture and unmask The Canary, revealing Sara to be alive.

What happens if Clementine feeds the dog? ›

Oranges, tangerines, and clementines are not toxic to dogs (although not so great for cats, who may have an issue with citric acid). However, these fruits are high in sugars and can potentially cause major diarrhea if your doggyBFF eats them.

What happens if you let AJ shoot Lily? ›

If AJ lowers the gun, James will take it but have his back turned to Lilly, who stabs James in the back and reclaims the gun before Willy's bomb goes off. If AJ shoots Lilly, he will shoot her in the head and continue firing bullets at Lilly's corpse in a fit of anger before being stopped by James.

Will we ever see Clementine again? ›

The Walking Dead's Clementine To Return In 2023 From Skybound Comet.

Why did Arvo shoot Clementine? ›

Even Mike gets to start talking again. No he did it because Clem shot his sister. He dident see her as a zombie and think she killed her sister. After that he has been looking with hate at Clem all episode, and with a gun in his hands its easy to let rage take over.

What happens if you choose Jane TWD? ›

Jane endings

If the player accepts Jane's apology, the two will walk off together and end up at Howe's Hardware (where Carver and his crew made their camp).

Is it better to give medicine to Abernathy or Esther? ›

In summary, we recommend giving the medicine to Esther as she'll put it to better use, and you'll receive better rewards from her when it comes to Bits and XP.

Why did Sam bite Clementine? ›

After rammagin in the garbage as well, she opens the canned beans with the knife. Sam sits in front of her and watches her so that he can eat as well. Clementine either doesn't give him food or she does and he takes it from her. Regardless, he gets angry and bites Clementine on her right arm.

Does AJ shoot Clementine? ›

She asks A.J to kill her or let her turn into a walker. A.J. raises his ax and swings it at Clem. Later, it is revealed that he did not kill Clementine. He was able to amputate her leg before the infection spread and survived to be back at the school on crutches.

Which is bigger satsuma or Clementine? ›

Satsumas, like tangerines, are another special type of mandarin. They have loose skin that can be bumpy, making it hard to detect bruises. They are smaller than tangerines, like clementines.

Is Clementine a girl name? ›

Clémentine or Clementine is a feminine given name (derivative of Clement). Notable people with the name include: Marie-Clémentine Valadon (better known as Suzanne Valadon) (1865-1938), a French artist and Renoir's art model. Princess Clémentine of Belgium (1872–1955)

Is Clem male or female? ›

Clem is a gender-neutral name with Latin and French roots. It is a diminutive of Clemency and Clementine, which mean "merciful." Clem makes a great choice for both boys and girls and is sure to give baby a zest for life.

Who does Ellie have a crush on? ›

She ditches her old friends to fit in with her new friends. In mid-season 3, Robbie Robbins, son of Robin Robbins moves in with Ellie and her family. Although at first annoyed by him, Ellie soon sees the good in him and develops a crush on him.

Who has better weapons Ellie or Abby? ›

With the same similar attributes as Ellie's default pistol with upgraded fire rate, stability, recoil, and ammo capacity and added silencer feature to boot. However, despite similarities, Abby's military pistol is slightly more powerful and has a better fire rate than Ellie's semi-auto pistol.

Is Ellie immune TLOU? ›

The infection caused Ellie as a fetus to be exposed to the cordyceps and this is the cause of her immunity.

How old are Clem and AJ in season 4? ›

In Wiki it's 15-17, then it is probably the range. So AJ is 4-5. I think Clem looks 14\15 but she's older than that ...

How old is Clementine Season 3? ›

Season 3: Clementine is 13 throughout the season (we find out she's going through puberty in Episode 4 with her period to confirm this, plus AJ's growth throughout flashbacks).

How old are the characters in Clementine? ›

The books are focused on an eight-year-old, artistic, but impulsive girl named Clementine, characterized by her flaming red curls.

How old is Clementine s2? ›

in the second season, they said "After 16 months" (wich is a YEAR and 4 months) wich means Clementine should be already 10 years old. then in the lodge, when you meet Bonnie she asks Clementine "How old are you?" as i noticed, there was no choice for 10 years old. there was a choice only for 9.

Is AJ Carver's son? ›

Alvin Jr., nicknamed AJ or Alvie, is the baby of Rebecca and possibly William Carver or Alvin who appears in The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Is Clementine older than Ellie? ›

Clementine was born 8 years before the outbreak event in The Walking Dead, while Ellie was born somewhere between 2018 and 2019, years after the 2013 Cordyceps Brain Infection.

Does Clem have a kid? ›

Rebecca reanimates as a zombie with the baby in her arms and Clem must save him from her. The player can choose to have Clem shoot Rebecca and take the baby – if not, Kenny will shoot her – and from that moment on, Clem becomes the baby's adoptive mother and names him AJ (see Figure 3).

Which is bigger satsuma or clementine? ›

Satsumas, like tangerines, are another special type of mandarin. They have loose skin that can be bumpy, making it hard to detect bruises. They are smaller than tangerines, like clementines.

What is Clementine's last name? ›

"Internally she was briefly “Clementine Crawford,” but then - completely unrelated - the folks developing the episode 104 story invented the neighborhood of Crawford. From that point on Clem officially had no last name."

What does Lee call Clementine? ›

How does Lee call Clem? Sweet pee? a sweet pea is actually a flower.

Does Clementine have ADHD? ›

Feminist writer, broadcaster and public speaker Clementine Ford has taken to Instagram to reveal a dual diagnosis of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

Is Clementine autistic? ›

Clementine was officially diagnosed with mild autism at 21-months-old.

How old is Lana from Clementine? ›

When D. returns, Karen's world crumbles at a faster pace. She learns Lana's real name (Julie) and her real age (16).

What level was Clementine? ›

Clementine fits the bill! It is the perfect follow up series and most are level O or P so it's a just right level for third grade.


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