Attack On Titan: 10 Best Armin Quotes (2023)

By Kit Morris

Armin has been through a lot, however, he overcame it all and has always had something important to say.

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Armin has been one of the most important characters inAttack On Titan. Though he isn't incredibly strong, he is very smart and has uncovered many mysteries for the Survey Corps. When he was first introduced, he lacked confidence and thought that he held everyone around him back. He also wanted to see the whole world.

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As the years went by, he became a leader and has gotten to see the true world he lives in. He has been through a lot throughout the manga. However, he overcame it all and always had something important to say.


10 "Just Because The Wall Hasn't Been Breached In 100 Years, There's No Guarantee That They Won't Break Through It Today, For Example."

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In the beginning of the series, Armin and Eren wanted to travel around the world despite humanity supposedly living in peace for 100 years by avoiding the titans. While Eren wanted to travel the world because he wanted to defeat the titans and gain freedom, Armin's goal was to see if the locations he heard from in a book were real.

When the two of them talked about how the people around them weren't happy with their desires, he said these words. Immediately after, he predicted the future. The Colossal Titan appeared and broke into Shiganshina.

9 "I Swear I'll Convince Them! You Two Do Your Best To Show Them You Don't Intend To Resist!"

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When the military learned that Eren could turn into a titan, they were terrified of him and wanted to kill him. Armin andMikasa couldn't allow that to happen and thought about what they could do. Eren and Mikasa told Armin how much they've relied on his plans and that he has been much more useful than he always believed.

Knowing that his friends saw him as an equal, he assured them that he would convince the military that Eren wasn't a threat. Though he almost failed, Commander Pixis saved the three of them.

8 "The Titans Aren't The Only Things Outside The Walls. Burning Water, Land Made Of Ice, Snowy Plains Of Sand. I Joined The Survey Corps So I Could See All Of That."

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After visiting Keith and learning about his relationship with Grisha, Armin, Mikasa, and Eren were prepared to go back to their home and take back the territory they lost. Before going on their mission, they had a conversation about what things were like before they joined the military and wondered if they would ever get back to those times.

Armin said these words, reminding his friends why he wanted to join the Survey Corps in the first place. Little did they know that Levi was listening to every word that he said.

7 "You Just Told Me To Not Say A Word! So I'll Show You Through My Actions."

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After Falco turned into the Jaw Titan, Connie wanted to feed him to his mother so that she could turn back into a human again. Knowing that he had to be stopped, Armin and Gabi followed them to Ragako. When they finally caught up, Connie told Armin not to say anything as he prepared to kill Falco.

In order to save the Jaw Titan, Armin nearly sacrificed himself. However, Connie saved him and learned what it really meant to be a soldier. He finally accepted losing his mother in order to turn into the man she would have wanted him to be.

6 "The Woman I Killed Must Have Been A Kind Person. She Was Much More Human Than Me. But I Was Able To Pull The Trigger Right Away."

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When the Survey Corps decided to take control over Paradis, they made a lot of enemies in the military. One of them was a woman who hesitated to kill Jean. Armin saved his life and shot her.

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When Levi Squad talked about what had happened, they finally understood that their captain was right about everything that he did. Before this, they believed that Levi was cruel and despised him. Understanding what he was preparing them for, Armin, Jean, and the rest of the squad became better soldiers.

5 "You Were Never Supposed To Sacrifice Yourself For My Sake."

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When they finished their training, Armin and the rest of the 104th Cadet Corps had to fight titans in Trost District before they even chose which branch of the military they wanted to join. Armin was almost eaten by a titan but Eren saved him and was devoured instead.

Though this helped Eren turn into his titan form, which he didn't know he had at the time, things wouldn't have worked out so well for the protagonist if his father didn't pass the Attack and Founding Titans down to him. Months later, Eren and Armin had a conversation about that moment and Armin said these words.

4 "If You're Not Going To Go Along With This Plan, That Would Make You A Bad Person To Me."

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Armin is arguably the smartest character in the entire series. Without him, the Survey Corps wouldn't have learned the identities of the Female Titan, the Colossal Titan, and the Armored Titan. After he realized that Annie was the Female Titan, he helped plan a way to trap her.

He went to Wall Sheena and convinced his former comrade to help him, Mikasa, and Eren sneak around the Military Police. When she asked him if she was a good person, this was his response. Nobody can be liked by anyone. There is no true good or bad. It is how people perceive each other that determines how they feel about one another.

3 "Why Did You Choose Me?"

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In the battle against Bertholdt, Reiner, and Zeke, Armin nearly died. He sacrificed himself in order to defeat Bertholdt. At the same time, Zeke almost killed Erwin. As the Survey Corps could only save one, the remaining soldiers in the battle got into a heated argument about who they should turn into a titan.

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Levi decided to bring Armin back, remembering the conversation he had with Eren and Mikasa before they embarked on this mission. When Armin learned about this, he was shocked that he was chosen and felt guilty that he was responsible for the commander's death.

2 "Talk To Us! We're Always Going To Be Together! Please, Don't Go Any Further From Us Than You Already Have!"

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When Eren brought the Survey Corps and Warrior Unit to the unknown land, his friends tried to convince him to stop the Rumbling and to talk things out with them.

Despite how much they begged him to not end the world, he told them that he would keep moving forward but wouldn't prevent them from going against him. The only way to stop him would be to kill him.

1 "If It Were Erwin Here, I'm Sure He Wouldn't Have Snapped On You Like That. Well, There's Your Answer. I Wasn't The One They Should've Brought Back To Life."

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Armin's guilt for Erwin dying never left him. As he prepared to stop Connie at Ragako, Mikasa asked him what she should do and was concerned about Eren. He snapped at her and nearly had a breakdown. But he stopped himself and said these words.

Though he may not have seen how valuable he was, those around him did. He ended up becoming the commander of the Survey Corps and proved that he was just as worthy to lead his comrades as Erwin was.

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